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4d Baby Scan – Interactive 4d baby scan

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Courtesy of Face 2 Face Baby Scans based in Hinkley.

What having a 4D Ultrasound Scan meant to me

I already had a son and I really wanted a girl. I only wanted 2 children so it mattered to me a great deal that my next child was a girl. I went for my 12 and 20 weeks 2D scans and unfortunately the sonographer wasn’t able to tell me anything about the sex of the baby. She suggested going for 3D scan as the 4D scans weren’t as popular at that time but having researched it on the internet I found a clinic about 20 miles from where I lived that did 4D scans. I contacted them and made an appointment for a scan to be done at 26 weeks. The wait was unreal. It felt like forever. My

40 and Pregnant

  Giving birth over the age of 40 is nothing new, so why are we still shocked?  Whenever a female celebrity in her 40s announces she is pregnant, every subsequent media article makes a point of mentioning her age.  With lots of finger wagging they are accused of being selfish and irresponsible for ‘wanting it all’.  But when it happens to a man, such as Rod Stewart at 66,  David Jason at 61, Rupert Murdoch at 72, there is lots of back slapping all round and cheers of ‘well done’. Of course there are health risks associated with conceiving over 40, but the dangers tend to be elaborated slightly by some in the medical profession.  Medicine has moved on and problems such

Can You Tell The Sex Of Your Baby From Your Bump?

We have all heard somewhere along the line ‘it’s a boy because it is all at the front’ or ‘it’s a girl because it is low down’. Are these just old wives’ tales or are they true? Alas, I am sorry to inform you that according to Dr Christian who advising for closer magazine, these are indeed false predictions. He states that the gender of the baby is not determined by the shape of the mothers bump – the strength of the mothers muscles in her abdomen determine the shape of the mothers bump. A woman who is older in years or has had previous children may find that her bump is lower down as her abdominal muscles are looser.

How a 4D Ultrasound Scan Works

The Technology of a 4D Ultrasound The 4D ultrasound scan is often called the keep sake ultrasound, meaning that some people may find it unnecessary. It is a great way for the parents to bond with their unborn child, because they can see him moving around and making faces in the womb. An ultrasound works by using sound waves that will bounce back and show an image of the baby. This type of baby ultrasound scan can help doctors determine if there is a problem earlier and can determine for sure what the sex of the baby is for the parents. There are studies that show that women take better care of themselves after they have a 4D ultrasound scan.

Does Religion Influence Finding out the Baby’s Sex?

There are many reasons that people do not want to find out the sex of their baby. They might just want it to be a surprise, and have an exciting reveal when the baby is born. They may not want to know because they want to choose the name when they see the new baby and they might start thinking of names if they know it is a boy or girl. They may not want to get all pink or all blue baby gifts which is what tends to happen when people know the sex of the baby. There are some religions where it is important to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, and there are some

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