Does Religion Influence Finding out the Baby’s Sex?

There are many reasons that people do not want to find out the sex of their baby. They might just want it to be a surprise, and have an exciting reveal when the baby is born. They may not want to know because they want to choose the name when they see the new baby and they might start thinking of names if they know it is a boy or girl. They may not want to get all pink or all blue baby gifts which is what tends to happen when people know the sex of the baby. There are some religions where it is important to know the sex of the baby ahead of time, and there are some religions where it is important that you do not know ahead of time. Where important decisions like finding out what you are having is concerned, religion plays a big part in making them.

Some religions focus on the male children to be the ones to learn the most about religion and therefore knowing ahead of time can help the parents be prepared for his education. If they are to be having a girl then a different type of education will be in store for her. In China if a family is going to have a girl then they have to be careful. In some parts of China baby girls are killed because they only want strong men growing up and carrying on their name. This is more of a cultural belief but it is tied into their religion because they believe this is what a higher power wants them to do. Some religions feel that it is not something that is supposed to be known before the birth reveals the sex to the parents. Some religions actually feel to know the sex of the child before birth is going against their God to find out what he knows. The times have changed a lot and what used to be taboo has changed in some religions. An example of this is that 4D Ultrasound Scans enable you to see how your baby will look before it is bornthe Koran seems to speak to people in the Islam faith and tell them that they should not seek to know the unknown. The unknown, in this case, is speaking of the sex of an unborn baby. The modern interpretation of this part of the Koran is that they shall not know before it is fully developed. They believe that Allah has created these ultra sound beams to allow them to know once the baby is developed. They believe that once the baby is developed the truth is open to the world.

Whether they find out the sex of the baby ahead of time or they do not, having a baby is supposed to be a very happy time for a family. If their religion permits it getting a 4D ultrasound can show them what the baby looks like and even catch it moving around some. It is an exciting time for any new parent. If their religion does not permit them to see the child’s sex ahead of time, then it is a wonderful surprise when the baby is born.

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