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    All you need to know about 3d/4d Baby Scans.
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    Ultrasound Scan showing Twins
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    4D Baby scan image and baby photo after born
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4d Baby Scan – Interactive 4d baby scan

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Courtesy of Face 2 Face Baby Scans based in Hinkley.

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New Regulatory Requirement for Sonographers and Consultants

From April 2010, all health and adult social care providers are required by law to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which includes health care professional such as sonographers and consultants. You must therefore ensure that the clinic you choose has obtained this regulatory requirement for each of its healthcare professionals. Click ultrasound scanning clinic requirements to read more on what to look for in an 4d scanning clinic.

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3d, 4D Ultrasound Baby Scans – FAQ

What is a 4D Ultrasound Scan? 4D Ultrasound scans are a way of getting real-time moving images of your baby whilst still in your womb. They are carried out on special 4D Ultrasound Machines. When can I have a 3d 4D baby scan done? You can have a 4d ultrasound scan done from week 26 of your pregnancy. Most 4d scans are completed between weeks 26-32 as your baby is fully developed and is moving around freely in your womb. Usually after 32 weeks your baby’s movements are more restricted due to it’s size and you may not get the best images. Where can I have a 3d/4d ultrasound baby scan done? There are a number of clinics throughout the

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