3d, 4D Ultrasound Baby Scans – FAQ

What is a 4D Ultrasound Scan?

4D Ultrasound scans are a way of getting real-time moving images of your baby whilst still in your womb. They are carried out on special 4D Ultrasound Machines.

When can I have a 3d 4D baby scan done?

You can have a 4d ultrasound scan done from week 26 of your pregnancy. Most 4d scans are completed between weeks 26-32 as your baby is fully developed and is moving around freely in your womb. Usually after 32 weeks your baby’s movements are more restricted due to it’s size and you may not get the best images.

Where can I have a 3d/4d ultrasound baby scan done?

There are a number of clinics throughout the UK. Please click on where can I have a 3d/4d baby Ultrasound scan done? to find your nearest clinic. You will then be redirected to that clinic’s website.

What you need to know before selecting a clinic ?

Choosing a clinic for your 4d ultrasound scan is an important part of the pregnancy process. Click 4d ultrasound scans faq to read more…

What is an inconclusive Scan?

What does an Inconclusive Scan result mean?
There are three main reasons you may receive an inconclusive scan result: Click inconclusive scan to read more

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